Our aim is to empower textile manufacturers by constantly monitoring every actions of the business which helps us to provide better insights on how to effectively scale their business by properly managing the workforce and controlling operational cost to a greater extend.

Major Challenges in Textile Industry
Textile business has never seen a consistent sales process majorly due to varying consumer demands based on seasonal trends, production capacity constraints, huge cost of operation and many other factors. We provide custom solutions for textile manufacturers keeping in mind such challenges helping them in smooth flow of operation which in turn aids to better customer satisfaction

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ConfidoAi Benefits of ERP Implementation in Textile Industry

Eliminate Seasonality

1. Feature rich procurement module ease the raw material acquisition process from finding good prospects till receiving goods receipt.

2. Low price seasons can be benefited by planning procurement’s on quarter, half -yearly and annual basis.

3. Auto trigger purchase order which reduces procurement lead time

Smooth Manufacturing

1. Lot tracking based on size, color, style, quality and range.

2. Product cost can be estimated which helps in deciding better pricing.

3. Date of delivery can be estimated by leveraging planning features in the module.

4. Multi-currency and multi-location support

Hassle Free Inventory

1. Better Inventory Control with advanced functionalities.

2. Avoids issues like backlog and shortage of goods thereby assuring guaranteed delivery of goods.

3. Automatically generate financial documents that reflect the actual timely financial ledger Corporate event.