Our aim is to revolutionize and replace existing trouble some methods of management in the heathcare sector with the power of Odoo ERP providing you with all major information under one roof

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Odoo ERP solution for healthcare sector enables healthcare providers to improve patient outcome by leveraging cloud technologies which helps to drive innovation and reduce costs

Doctor Management

Drugs Management

Patient Management

Online Appointment

Pharmacy Management


Invoice System

Staff recruitment

Transportation Management

Staff payroll

Staff Attendance

Department Management

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Benefits of ERP Implementation in Healthcare Sector

Better patient care

Data transfer among departments is effortless & precise with Odoo ERP which in-turn helps in better patient care and for right diagnosis and desicion making

Eliminate data losage

With state-of-the art technology data losing and redundancy are thing of the past with advanced features to prevent data theft even with multiple user access

Business Intelligence

Better Insights over operational efficiency taking various factors into account such as budgeting, requisitions, and analysis of patient visitation.

Strategic Planning

ERP Implementation helps decision makers to better assess whether the practices in place are effective or not thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the organization

Pronounced Finance Control

Precise finance control by using ERP Software with patients payment tracking, supply cost and other service charge, calculating inventory errors and reducing mismatch in purchase and distribution


Avoids expensive and challenging maintenance as in the case of ordinary heath care system instead provides better integration into modules like accounts, finance, billing, inventory