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ConfidoAi Odoo ERP Software for Steel Industry | Modules of ERP for Steel Industry
Iron and steel enterprises are continuous process-oriented industries. The production of steel is a process of continuous and discrete mixing, undergoing physical and chemical changes. There is a high complication in the overall process. The production premise is severe; having more production equipment, the level of automation is higher. Likewise, there are numerous active equipment, data acquisition systems, and inspection systems. Implementing Odoo ERP software for the steel industry will enhance the management of the overall system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been successfully applied in the manufacturing system. With its strong management philosophy and management functions. Consequently, providing strong support for enterprise Informatization.

What are the benefits of the Odoo ERP system?

  • Improve the problem of poor internal information flow
  • Establish an integrated information resource management system
  • Realize internal resource sharing
  • Improve service level and quality of customers to customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to enterprises
  • Manage sales Cost control
  • Improve corporate profitability
  • Manage corporate risk control and market forecasting capabilities
  • Form scientific management and decision-making system
  • Optimize procurement processes and supply chain principles
  • Save procurement time and costs
  • Integrate procurement management business processes
  • Automatically Anomalies in the procurement management of early warning reports
  • The ERP system in the steel industry is of great benefit to enterprises.

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ConfidoAi modules of Odoo ERP for Steel Industry

Customer Management

To ensure the full isolation of customer information and to centrally control centralized resources. Guide enterprises to focus on developing high-value customers. Support to Improve customer conversion rate. Centrally control and analyze customer sources, industries, regions, departments, etc. Similarly, it helps the leaders to conduct customer targeted advertising, marketing, and other decision support.

Sales Process

Managing customer handover information. Managing the list of scattered customers and communication records in the past.

Team Management

The operation planning software assists the enterprise to scientifically control the sales process. As well as quantify the process evaluation mechanism. Subsequently, eliminate the drawbacks of the result evaluation. Establishing a sales control system based on the actual situation of the enterprise is necessary. And systematically enhance the team’s sales combat effectiveness.

Cost Control

To improve the profit of the steel industry enterprises, it is necessary to control the expenses in the “open source and throttling”. The expenses must be closely related to the customers and business traces, and do a good job of “pre-application and post-examination”. In combination, each cost is clearly and clearly used on the cutting edge.

Sales ledger

To record the sales to keep track of whether you have received the money and how much you are still owed. Similarly, the sales ledger will always have an account for every customer.

After-sales service

Record customer feedback, complaints, consultation, handling, etc. in a timely manner, continuously improve product service quality, and improve customer satisfaction. Establish a knowledge base of various problems and solutions for after-sales service. So, the steel industry customer service staff can quickly respond to customer service requirements.

Collaborative Office

The steel industry company manages documents, announcement notices, records, etc. So, this will ensure timely and accurate delivery and feedback of news.

Human Resources

A series of human resource management, such as recruitment, training, use, assessment, incentive, adjustment, etc. To mobilize employee’s enthusiasm, fully utilize the potential of employees. Moreover, creating value for steel industry enterprises and ensure to achieve strategic goals.

Financial Management

Managing sales remittance, receivables, sales invoicing, purchase payment, payable, purchase invoices, etc. Analyzing various financial data to maximize the profits of the steel industry enterprises.