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Odoo Logistics ERP Functions
To the question: “what can a Odoo logistics management software do ?” It could be answered as follows:” Make more efficient not only the logistics but also all the other business processes thanks to the logistics.” It may seem exaggerated, yet more and more companies are discovering that an ERP can help them simplify many of their processes and can support their entire production and logistics cycle to work more easily.

As we have seen several times, the first and most important benefit of any ERP is precisely to make the various company sectors “talk,” crossing data and information to improve productivity and overall business efficiency.

In the case of logistics, the program must be developed to help companies in warehouse operations and manage a multitude of elements that are part of the production chain, from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished products to customers.

ConfidoAi Odoo Shipping and Logistics Management Software Features

Warehouse management

Dispose of your concerns. Warehouse management is no more a tough job. Just list all your warehouses, and our Odoo ERP will help you audit the stock at the warehouse with your fingertips.

Locations, distance, travel time, and packing time required to move goods from a warehouse are calculated automatically with the Best Odoo ERP. Automatic stock procurement when the stock reaches the minimum level is also included in our module. This helps you ensure sufficient stock at all your warehouses without manual interference. The Best Odoo Implementer, we also offer 24*7 help to the users.

Cargo movement management

Proficiency in Cargo handling and transportation management is the motto of our Odoo Logistics Material Management ERP Software. The features are customized to the needs of every user based on their client base. A centralized control panel will prepare automated emails and ensure the traceability of goods.

Inbound and outbound transportation surveillance is made easy with our Odoo ERP. Delivery of goods to shop floors and worksites gets updated without tiresome data entry work.

Invoice/Slip/order generation

Documentation of picking and packing slips and invoice generation has become painless with ERP Applications. Odoo Logistics Material Management ERP software manages real-time data of the stock movement and generates an invoice.

The list of packed items in a shipment package is maintained from preparing the purchase order. The slip template is customer friendly. All updates, omissions, and inclusions are added to the list with time notes. Odoo ERP helps quick preparation of the picking lists to speed up the packing and delivery.

Import and Export management

Locating the manufacturer of the product, tracing the transit details, and communicating with suppliers become effortless with Odoo Logistic ERP Software. Besides, rental warehouse details, automated generation of shipment and delivery details help to corroborate business across the globe.

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